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Saratov in the middle of the 19th century

Saratov was founded in 1590 year as a fort on the Volga river.
The Saratov had reached the top of its blossoming during the Russian silver age (end of XIX century - 1914 year). The population of Saratov was the fourth in Russia (next to populations of Moscow, St.Petersburg, and Odessa) in the beginning of the XX century.

Some dates of the Saratov history:

1590 - Saratov was founded on the left bank of the Volga river.
1674 - Saratov was moved to its current place on the right river bank.
1685 - the city Cathedral was founded.
1695 - Peter the Great visited Saratov.
1763 - German settlers were invited to settle near Saratov.
1797 - Saratov Province (Region) was founded.
1815 - the city theater was built.
1831 - the city library was founded.
1838 - the first steamboat had passed by Saratov.
1838 - the first newspaper started to be published.
1838 - the citizens of Saratov were 50.000.
1859 - the first passenger steamship line began to operate.
1859 - the city telegraph was built.
1863 - the Saratov city bank was founded.
1872 - the Saratov-Moscow Railroad was opened.
1873 - the first Russian circus was opened in Saratov by Nikitin brothers.
1877 - the city yacht club was founded.
1880 - the population of Saratov was 115.000.
1885 - the first russian public art museum was open by Bogolubov.
1897 - the population was 137.000.
1902 - the conservatory was built.
1908 - the first tramway line was opened.
1909 - Saratov Emperor Nicolas II University was opened. (Saratov State University now)
1912 - a place for the airfield was selected.
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