Poster Session on September 23, 2002
1. Olga Sosnovtseva (Russia) Synchronization phenomena in nephron-nephron interaction 2. Alexey Pavlov (Russia) Multiscality in the dynamics of coupled chaotic systems 3. Alexey Shabunin, Alexander Efimov (Russia) Chaotic dynamics of chemical reactions in low dimensional substrate: Mean-Field and Monte-Carlo approaches 4. Igor Sataev (Russia) Period doubling at the edge of Arnold tongue and other examples of the universal behavior associated with the critical quasiattractor 5. Alexei Jalnine (Russia) Intermittent Transitions in the Quasiperiodically Forced Maps 6. Alexei Jalnine (Russia) Characterization of the Parameter-Mismatching and Noise Effect on Weak Synchronization 7. Anna Ivanova (Russia) Synchronization and clusterization in a system of globally coupled logistic maps with linear and quadratic coupling 8. Olga Isaeva (Russia) Mandelbrot set as a domain of generalized synchronization of coupled period-doubling systems 9. Julia Sedova (Russia) Noise effect on two period-doupling systems with unidirectional coupling 10. Ludmila Turukina (Russia) Comparison of dynamics of kicked oscillators and kicked self-oscillating systems 11. Sergey Milovanov (Russia) Synchronization in a system with the cycle-collision bifurcation 12. Oksana Glushkovskaya-Semyachkina (Russia) Index of normalized entropy as a potential tool for study of the cardiovascular physiological and pathophysiological responses under challenging conditions 13. Tatjana Yakusheva (Russia) Traditional and nonlinear dynamics methods applied to investigate gender-related differences in cardiovascular stress-responses in rats 14. Oksana Klimova, Mariya Semyonova (Russia) Normalized entropy applied to the study of gender hormones influences on the cardiovascular system 15. Vera Afanas'eva (Russia) Deterministic Chaos: a Philosophical Analysis 16. Alexander Lazerson (Russia) Dynamical Chaos in Electron Devices. How it Works. 17. Michael Belyaev (Russia) Quantum Chaos in Simple Systems 18. Irina Rempen (Russia) Influence of external signal on the chaotic dynamics of electron beam in Pierce diode 19. Elena Mchedlova (Russia) Synchronization and chaotic patterns in the coupled map lattice with additional nonlocal links 20. Alexander Prokhorov (Russia) Peculiarities of synchronization and complex dynamics in the nonautonomous Double Scroll oscillator 21. Kirill Andreev (Russia) Peculiarities of syncronization in neuron ensembles, simulated by piecewise continuous maps 22. Artem Balyakin (Russia) Complex Dynamics of Non-Linear Distributed Resonators 23. Dmitry Klokotov (Russia) Experimental Research of the Complex Dynamics of Multiple-Cavity Klystron Oscillator with a Delayed Feedback Driven by External Signal 24. Dmitry Smirnov (Russia) Determination of the direction of coupling in a system of two coupled oscillators from time series 25. Maxim Bodrov (Russia) Identity,coupling, synchronization (in application to the analysis of human electric potentials recordings) 26. T. Vadivasova, A. Kopeikyn, D. Matyushkin (Russia) Self-organisation effects in a chain at stochastic bistble oscillators
Poster Session on September 24, 2002

1. Eireen Neumann (Germany) Quasiperiodically driven Josephson Junctions 2. Karsten Peters (Germany) Synchronization of chaotic hybrid systems 3. Immo Wedekind (Germany) Experimental synchronization of external cavity semiconductor lasers 4. Georgios-Artemios Tsekouras (Greece) Spontaneous formation of oscillators in lattice dynamics 5. Wonsuhk Uhm (S.Korea) Synchronous state of phase on symmetrically coupled torus maps 6. Nata Janson (UK) Synchronization breakdown and coherence resonance 7. Vjacheslav Medvedev (Russia) Numerical research of stochastic dynamics of auto-oscillating systems with an asymmetrical cubic nonlinear response 8. Sergey Starkov (Russia) Communications based on UPO of chaotic attractors 9. Yury Andreev (Russia) Information approach to the separation of chaotic signals 10. Gennady Kasyan (Russia) Chaotic synchronization of two-dimensional maps. The information approach 11. A.A. Dmitriev (Russia) Design of chaotic sequences carrying useful information 12. Elena Efremova (Russia) Power spectrum control in the model of one-transistor chaotic generator 13. Alexey Safonov (Russia) Relaxation time characteristics in the systems with zero and non-zero stationary flow 14. Alexander Dubkov (Russia) Theoretical calculation of effective diffusion constant in fluctuating periodic potentials 15. Evgeniy Pankratov, Dr. Alexander Dubkov (Russia) Control of impurity diffusion rate in homogeneous medium by modulation of diffusion coefficient 16. Alexander Kraskov (Germany) Localization of the epileptic focus using phase synchronizaton based on wavelet transform 17. Grigory Bordyugov(Germany) Pulse Dynamics in Excitable Media with Complex Local Behavior 18. Alexander Silchenko (UK) Fluctuational transition through a fractal basin boundary 19. Boris Shulgin (UK) Bifurcation analysis of phase bistability in circadian clocks forced by skeleton photoperiod 20. Semen Zhitskey(Russia) Synchronization and cluster formation during phase-transient processes based on model of lattice coupled oscillators 21. Igor Khovanov (Russia) Phase synchronization in regular and chaotic systems in the presence of noise: the role of amplitude dynamics and problem of control 22. Anton Fomin (Russia)Development of noise-induced spatial structures in excitable media 23. Dmitry Setsinsky (Russia) Noise-induced coherence in small neuron networks 24. Alexander Nekrasov (Russia) Phase multistability of self-modulated oscillations 25. Dmitry Postnov (Russia) Phase Dynamics Complexity in Coupled Bursters